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VPN- A user-friendly and secure internet surfing experience

VPN- A user-friendly and secure internet surfing experience

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In Summary

Virtual private networks are for an efficient internet browsing experience and maintaining privacy and integrity of the data shared across the network.

Editor Posted by Heena

A virtual private network, abbreviated as VPN, is basically a private network that has extension across a public network. It provides the facility of sending and receiving data among various users in a public network, popularly known as the internet. In this arrangement, various devices are connected directly to the private network.

Users who have a subscription for a VPN get the benefit of efficient network management along with security. There are a lot of chances of a security breach in such an open arrangement where a lot of users are exchanging information among themselves. To create a VPN, a dedicated point to point connection is established among various devices.

What all a VPN can offer?

VPNs makes your internet surfing experience smooth and clean as it protects your identity from hackers and other vulnerable entities who keep an eye on your activity. A number of VPN service providers are available in the market. A reliable VPN service provider always offers high-speed internet browsing while making it safe according to a particular budget.  One can go for various service providers according to their need. There are various packages in which multiple security parameters are included. One security parameter can be the one which blocks the unnecessary advertisements which are displayed in the web pages and can introduce viruses on clicking them. Some contain an inbuilt anti-malware which can protect your sensitive data from various viruses. Another important component is the firewall which provides a filter on who all can connect to your network. Another sound factor is it can make your surfing experience really awesome by providing ultra-fast speed while accessing streaming content.

Types of VPN

In earlier times, remote connectivity was provided through leased line connections or modems. These mechanisms cannot be classified as VPNs in the true sense as they provide passive security. As the technology got advanced, fiber-optic networks and digital subscriber line (DSL) was introduced which replaced these legacy mechanisms and private networks based on IP address were introduced. The main advantage which they offered was increased bandwidth in less cost.

VPNs can be either a direct connection between two networks or a remote-access from some location.  In a corporate environment, the employees can even access the organization's network if they are at their home or travel somewhere with the help of remote-access VPNs. In fact, a VPN can also be used to connect two similar networks over an entirely different network. Two IPv6 networks can be connected easily through an IPv4 network connection

The classification of VPN systems may be done in a number of ways. They can be classified based on if they provide direct connectivity or remote connectivity, according to the level of security they provide or according to the number of connections they can provide at the same time.

These days life without internet is impossible and accessing the internet through private networks is a necessity in today's fast growing life where the corporate sector has developed so much. The people work as a team irrespective of the geographical locations. The data has to be exchanged over the network within minutes even if the networks are located at remote places. This is the reason that an organizational setup chooses the best VPN subscription. As the data is increased in large volumes across a wide network, there are malicious agents which are always present to hack this data to extract some sensitive information. This open world of the network has to be guarded for safety and privacy, for which the virtual private networks are relied on.