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Portable e-Nose to Sniff out Spoilt Food

Portable e-Nose to Sniff out Spoilt Food

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In Summary

Change in lifestyle has forced us to depend upon canned food items for our daily dietary needs. Often we come across reports of people suffering from food poisoning due to consumption of spoilt canned food items. PERES has innovated an e-nose that can detect spoilt food items and warn you about it, so that you can avoid food poisoning.

Editor Posted by Tripti

Food technology has made immense progress in the last decade. Canned foods are common nowadays and many of us are used to eating canned and preserved food items on a regular basis. We usually decide the freshness and edibility of any packaged food item by checking the date of expiry. We often ignore the possibility of food items within the date of expiry. It has been seen in many cases that food items may get spoilt before the date of expiry and eating such food items may send you to hospital.

To avoid such incidents, PERES has launched “e-nose”, a potential handy food sniffer. It mimics the activity of a sniffer dog, who finds out the presence of drugs by just sniffing. In this case the e-nose sniffs and finds out spoilt food items so that you can check the freshness of the food yourself before you eat it.

Smart phone controlled

The e-Nose is portable and hand held. You just have to install the e-nose app in your smart phone and you are good to go. Place the e-nose above the food item and it will sniff any traces of ammonia or other volatile organic compounds that are usually present in the vicinity of the food item. The data collected is transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is interpreted in the e-nose app. The app will confirm its freshness or declare that it’s spoilt as may be case. The e-nose is capable of detecting small amounts of volatile organic compounds that cannot be detected by normal human nose.

Carry your personal food inspector with you

The e-nose is a very good option to avoid food poisoning caused due to consumption of spoilt food items from cans or in hotels and restaurants. You can use it as your personal food inspector and access the quality of the food you are served. If your e-nose suspects that the food is spoilt you can avoid it and prevent getting food poisoned.

It is highly appropriate for people camping in far off places for research studies, like the research teams staying in Antarctic region. They are forced to consume preserved food and there e-nose can help to assess the quality of the food that you are going to consume.

Commercial Viability

The market for this e-nose is huge. But the problem is not many people know about it. The company has joined hands with Indiegogo to go for large scale production and distribution of this device,


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