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Global Consciousness Mobile Apps are the Future of Shared Consciousness

Global Consciousness Mobile Apps are the Future of Shared Consciousness

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In Summary

Conscious technology involves the study of the various aspects of mind matter interactions and how our conscious mind can effect and alter a physical event. Recently a mobile app based on the study and application of mind-matter effects was launched. Hopefully it will help us gather some proof regarding the actual physical implications of consciousness.

Editor Posted by Tripti

In the last century, the increased societal and economic impact of globalisation became evident. We have learned and taught others, how to break boundaries and interact, function and progress in a collective manner. However, it should also be considered that all notions and perceptions can never be applicable for every individual in a population. This has caused development of a lot of friction and tension between various sects, communities and nations.

Now imagine, how it will be if we generate a method of raising global consciousness among people, so that they can accept, acknowledge and value each other’s traditions, cultures, beliefs and way of living. Well, the good news is some of the eminent researchers of Princeton, under the leadership of Adam M. Curry, PEAR Lab, Princeton, have actually coded a program which can help raise collective and global consciousness. They have launched as a mobile app named “Entangled” based on this global consciousness concept.

Consciousness Technology

Philosophers and visionaries have been preaching for the past many years regarding the role of mind-matter effects in shaping the possible consequences of physical events. Now, scientists are also advocating, that the mind matter interactions are crucial in influencing our consciousness and subsequent outcomes of our activities. Consciousness technology applies this controversial concept of the power of the mind in fabricating the reality.


Entangled is a newly developed and launched mobile app that is specifically designed to access the influence of our conscious thinking. The idea was generated when the results of the physical random number generator experiments were analysed.

The developers had a fun motive to test the presumptions that are associated with mind and reality. After having launched it is speculated that the app may help in accessing the mass impacts of events and procedures. For example, the impact of meditation on people and society as whole,is a topic that generates varied responses. Entangled can be used to measure or access the mass impact of such practices. In addition it will also pave the way towards the invention of mind controlled tools, techniques and machineries.


The Global Consciousness App

Collective Consciousness