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Autofocusing smart spectacles could avoid glass swapping!

Autofocusing smart spectacles could avoid glass swapping!

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In Summary

It’s often annoying having specs, for some the vision problem might result in a different pair of lens, a short and long sight one which needs to be swapped as and when needed. With this new smart lens, all it takes would be 14 milliseconds to automatically focus the viewpoint without touching with your hands .

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Even glasses are getting smarter.

If you ever had a reading glass, then you know what is been dealt here. Sometimes it’s very difficult swapping between lenses if you are using both vision correctors. But this problem with specs is about to get a solution, in fact, a smart on which would revolutionize the way we perceive using spectacles.

These smart specs have built control mechanism which allows the focus to shift point to point, in just 14 milliseconds. Thus now the sepcky doesn’t have to changes glasses, rather go with the one he/she is using for all view points This one would be a great solace for elder people whose vision needs both classes of lenses demanding them to use a bifocal lens. With this ingenious feat of engineering wearing the smart would solve periodic glass changing, power correction, and glass swapping.

Technology behind

These types of lens are called adaptive lens, made of glycerin. These colorless and thick liquid is enclosed inside a membrane, whose flexibility allows the smart specs to change focus. This membrane is connected to 3 actuator, which works like a piston pushing the membrane back and forth thereby changing the focal point. This adjustment will calibrate the focus length between eye and lens thereby correcting vision. The best part is that this whole process is done in the span of just 14 milliseconds, which would more like our real eye. The smart lens is connected to the auxiliary app via Bluetooth. All you have to do is upload the correction parameters from your eye clinic into this app, and next time you wear the glass it will self-calibrate and changes the focus accordingly.

Expected upgrades

The recently disclosed one is just a prototype which is housed inside a rough frame model. Further studies and designing prospects are on its best pace to come up with a sleek, lighter and utilitarian design which could house all the electronics without bulking up. The smart glass is powered by a mini battery, which might even get a solar update in the future. As of now, bringing this specs to the market will be their priority which could be a great news for 200 million+ people around the world using the lens. 

Main source:

Nazmul Hasan et al, Tunable-focus lens for adaptive eyeglasses, Optics Express (2017). DOI: 10.1364/OE.25.001221