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The Astonishing Hurdles Of Life Outside Earth

The Astonishing Hurdles Of Life Outside Earth

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In Summary

Whether life exists outside earth has been a topic for debate for long. Though difficult for any living creature to survive outside earth, the tryst for finding an extraterrestrial life is still on.


Editor Posted by Sanchita

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Several organizations dedicated to find life outside earth have dedicated researchers, scientists and notable experts have been working in this domain for long. Astronomers, after several studies have come to the conclusion that there must a few planets similar to our blue planet earth having traces of life. Scientists from NASA have confirmed that it is very likely, that every start in our galaxy has a planet similar to Earth. The day is not far off when we deep dive into details and find a solution. A few scientists are not too optimistic on the topic thinking that if ever there was life beyond earth, it would have popped up on Earth a few times or we would have discovered it by now.


Lonely Planet


There are more than a billion planets in the observable universe, out of which earth is that lonely planet which has bred life. It is difficult to fathom that life exists outside earth. Organisations dedicated to the search of extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) are now hopeful of life beyond earth as they have recently discovered extrasolar planets which have shown promises of life. It is a proven fact that life cannot exist without oxygen or water and both are amiss outside the Earth. Water is extremely necessary for any living creature to be able to survive. Though water has been found many a times in the universe, but liquid water is yet to be found. Thus scientists have resigned to the fate that our blue planet is a lonely and the only planet having lives.


Quest for life beyond Earth


Different institutes and organisations of various branches of astronomy and Space science have been studying on the possibility of life beyond earth. Earlier experiments have shown the existence of bacteria in outer space, while a few years back a team of astronauts found diatoms in the stratosphere, mixed up with debris. The origin of the diatoms were not very clear, thus were not too robust to support the finding. As a few scientists believe, that they must have drifted from the sea where planktons are found in abundance, to the outer surface of the earth through air currents from the sea. Alien life in space, a dragon shaped object was once noticed in the earth’s stratosphere. According to the astrobiologists, it was of biological relevance, though they couldn’t conclude whether it consists of a single cell or was it multicellular. A certain American scientist, Boyd Bushman came to a conclusion that aliens were present in Area 51 and had also shared photographs of aliens during autopsy.