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The Ark of Wisdom: Space X Dragon

The Ark of Wisdom: Space X Dragon

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In Summary

Space X Dragon has extended their serviceability back and forth to Earth, shuttling to carry scientific samples and cargoes to ISS, which play a crucial role in space travel studies.


Editor Posted by Ansheed

A package from space

Space X Dragon has been officially carrying NASA packages to International Space Station (ISS) since 2012. But their service is not confined to one way travel, rather shuttling between ISS and earth to carry some important pieces of scientific samples for humans to study on earth. Recently this year Space X’s CRS-9 arrived at ISS with a supply carrying important necessities.  But the great thing is that Dragon returned home with around 1360 kg of gifts for our scientist.  It mainly consists of some samples and other important information regarding various studies taking place at the ISS.

The VIP in the journey

Dragon carried some samples of mice’s heart cells, which is cultured at ISS. These cells would give important information regarding the human biological behavior in long-term space travels.  The scope mainly focuses on the microgravity effects on human heart cells when exposed to the long-term hostile environments in space. Also, these data would help medical field in devising new therapies and drugs from advanced heart care.

The mice at ISS has been there basically as a part of a couple of important studies.  The main aim was to understand the behaviors of the human body during prolonged space travels. Some important parameters regarding epigenetics can also be scraped from these samples arrived from ISS. Changed gene expressions, protein folding, DNA density, changes in offspring’s etc. would wave light to our dream of space travel. The next part focuses on the bone and muscle structure, strength and related physical attributes which can give a detailed data which helps to extend our space tenure-ability.

The depth of study

Another set of samples in the package were dedicated to studying how the human immune system will work in no gravity condition. Also, it could help the scientist identify how the immune system holds up with space environment and prebiotic aspects. The microbial population in the digestive system was something that worried scientists when it comes to space travel. With these data, scientists could improve space travelers probiotic supplements and keep them healthy. When mice are subjected to an alien environment lot of metabolic changes do takes place inside its body. These changes are well tracked and read in connection with humans in order to understand the further scope of improvements.

All these studies are done in vision to the upcoming manned mars mission. It almost takes 150- 300 days to reach mars. Such an extended period of hostile environment is likely to cause many changes in the human body. Scientists are desperately trying to rule out as much as possible in order to minimize all sorts of risks and dangers. The heart cells are part of Rodent research 3 Eli Lilly study, but also the data will be useful for other major studies too. The dragon capsule splashed in Pacific ocean on August 27,2016 which was taken to Los Angeles port and then to Texas facility. 


SpaceX Dragon Splashes Down with Crucial NASA Research Samples


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