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Survival Strategies On Mars

Survival Strategies On Mars

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In Summary

Mars happens to be the next possible plant for human beings and other living creatures. Monash University, Australia has come up with a unique online course to survive on Mars, the next destination for human colonization.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

Human being have been eyeing the red plant, mars for a long time now.The pace at which technology with regards to space science has been progressing, human beings would be soon found dwelling on Mars. Getting to Mars seems easier than surviving on the red planet. Stepping and then dwelling on the planet mars is not only an act out of curiosity but will leave a deep mark in strengthening international tie – ups, making it a necessity for science. A team of scientists have come up with an indigenious online guide for survival strategies on Mars. The online course is a four week course with three hours of classes to be taken per week. The classroom will be converted to virtual reality to give a look and feel of the real situation. So a total of just 12 hours will get you Mars ready.

Online guide for survival on Mars

Mars is one of the most researched and explored planet in the universe. The reason being, it’s proximity to earth, thus promises of conducive situation for human survival. This online guide for survival on the planet mars comes absolutely free. The science behind human exploration will be revealed in this unique online course. The course was developed by astrophysicist, Jasminalazendic – Galloway and chemist Tina Overton. The first and foremost thing that is required for survival in the universe are the 2 basic ingredients, water and oxygen. Thus this online course also takes you through the various ways once can prepare water and oxygen. For this to happen, Mars need to have a lab. This course is not only facts and figures about Mars and the various survival hacks but certain real problem solving skills too. How much ever survival strategies one may undergo for a self-sufficient and a successful step on Mars, the first group of guests at Mars will have a tough time, as there would be certain uncalculated steps. Till date 1500 people have already signed up for this free online course for an expedition to mars.

Disadvantages of the online course

This online course is more of a theoretical do’s and don’ts on various activities on Mars. Thus very little has been discussed about the reality which would unveil only once a human being steps on the red plant for the first time. The person undergoing the online course needs to have a scientific bend of mindas the course not only involves physics, astronomy or chemistry but revolves around many more inter related subjects.