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Scientists made the world’s first-time crystal

Scientists made the world’s first-time crystal

Image Credit : lapis-lazuri
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In Summary

Time crystal was an imaginary object that only had a theoretical existence so far. Scientists from the University of Maryland had created an object that behaved similar to time crystals in theory. 

Editor Posted by Ansheed

‘The’ Time Crystal.

Time crystal may be new to you because they came into knowledge only a couple of years back. Theoretically explaining, they’re objects that can exhibit motion while in the ground state. Sounds simple enough, though! Talking some physics these are four dimension objects, whose existence have raised so many questions since the movement exhibited by such a crystal would break the conventional laws of physics. The original idea was proposed by Nobel laureate Frank Wilczek. Scientists made this hypothesis into reality a couple of weeks back by creating a quantum system of supercooled ions that form a ring structure.

How they made it real?

In order to build a real life time crystal, scientists took the help of quantum particles, who behavior is yet to be understood fully. A supercooled group of quantum ions are formed into a ring shape. They used ytterbium particles, which are put in a non-equilibrium level, with a state of energy while spinning connected to each other. A laser beam was used in order to change the motion of specific ions in the system, which finally lead to a perpetual oscillation.

Breaking conventional laws

According to many reviewers, this study was groundbreaking and displayed a wonderful field of physics that is indeed out of conventional approaches and knowledge. “I would like to call it an improvement in the conventional law rather than saying -it broke the laws of physics. We haven’t fully explained the true physics  in its true color, so more of law breaking studies are yet to come” – said Peter Sebastian, author of Science review magazine ScienceGeek.  There is no driving force that keeps the motion of these particles alive, so it has to believe that time crystals are breaking the time symmetry that mimics this perpetual ability.

Possible explanations.

Breaking time symmetry is one most accepted explanation for this time crystal. There is no energy consumption involved, an impulsive breakdown of the time translation symmetry – which can be visualized with our eyes make this motion possible. But many still believe that energy cannot be extracted out of this motion, which would rescind the energy law that guided the physics so far. If an energy source is derived out of a time crystal by some manner, it would definitely raise question against our conventional physics and we are forced to accept some hard truths that we were wrong in certain areas.

The paper is sent for a peer review before we could make any judgments. The time crystals could answer to many of breakthroughs in our shelf like quantum computing, quantum memory, time wrap etc.