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Milk Without Cow But All Proteins Restored

Milk Without Cow But All Proteins Restored

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In Summary

Scientist realized the dream for first laboratory based dairy product. This is a good news for vegans where milk has been produced from a yeast using vegetable oils and sugars as substrate rather than extracting it from cows. 

The first laboratory made dairy product is great news for all vegans and lactose intolerance people across the globe. They claim that milk from non-animal source taste same as well as appear same as milk from cow. 

Editor Posted by Shivani

Berkeley based company named Perfect day (previously Muufri), has now made possible the production of milk which has same proteins but is not from animal source. Perumal Gandhi, a co-founder at Perfect day explains that this dairy alternative is the best alternative restoring all its nutritional value.

This product has been produced from a genetically modified strain of yeast (named Buttercup by the team), which is capable of turning vegetable oil and sugars into milk proteins called casein. Yeast has the capability and a well established ability as an agent for brewery and  a wide range of other value added products from insulin to biofuels.

Preliminary testing of Milk

Leber at fast company, asked researchers from the University of the West of England in association with joint research centre of the European Commission and the results so obtained were very promising which summarizes this product as environment friendly.


The milk produced from this process and using yeast as an organism is vegan friendly. Now even those people can have benefits of milk proteins, casein while following their dietary preferences.

The production of milk from this process is not only environment friendly but also reduces carbon taxation to the company as it emits 84% less carbon dioxide.This process is even utilize 98% less water and 91% less land as compare to the conventional milk production method. The health quotient of this milk is quite high as it does not contain any cholesterol without compromising level of vitamins and minerals due its origin from yeast and not cow. Laboratory based milk will relieve heavy burden on cows that can save the environment in a more sustainable way.

Future prospects 

The company wishes to give a transparent product that complies to the composition of milk in terms of proteins with a little change of its source. The preliminary testing that gives a promising future for laboratory based milk but at the same time further research, investigations and testing of the findings needs to be done.  A dream product that has the same price as the conventional milk will leave customers no choice but to buy animal-free milk. We can’t neglect its value addition to the environment during its production.

The Future is there in the lab just waiting to get poured in the glass.