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Does life exist on Mars?

Does life exist on Mars?

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In Summary

Mars is believed to be a planet where life can exist. Some researchers have confirmed the presence of salt on this planet which further increases hope on the existence of life here.

Editor Posted by Heena

From many years, space researchers are trying to make inter-planet travel possible. The first option which comes in their mind is Mars, which is believed to be a planet where life can exist. According to a famous study of Michigan University, this planet can support life because there are chances of water formation at the right temperature. Another study states that during spring and summer months, Water can exist in its own liquid form on Mars but this is just for few hours at a stretch. Some researchers have confirmed the presence of salt on this planet which further increases hope on the existence of life here.

Traces of life on Mars

There are various traces which have been discovered by some NASA researchers which prove that life may exist on this red planet. According to an alien magazine, a unique artefact has been found in Mars which resembles a pyramid like triangular structure. Another remarkable trace was a four-legged creature which even had shadows around it, which claims it was a living organism walking on the surface of Mars. Some claim that once dinosaurs existed here because their skull is found on this planet. Some traces include worm-like creatures which frame a fact that life of small creatures is likely to exist here. Some photographs of this planet even claim a mermaid to be present in the dry environment of Mars. Some google earth images showcase some secret structures which can be some objects lying on the planet surface. Although not hundred percent sure, but all these traces provide an optimistic approach towards existence of life on this planet.

Environmental conditions

Even if by chance if we prove that life may exist on Mars, but the environmental conditions are not so favorable for supporting life here. According to various researchers, the atmosphere of earth is about 100 times thicker than Mars. 95% of the air in Mars consists of carbon dioxide. The atmosphere of Mars is thin and it is prone to dust most of the times. This giant dust cover forms a blanket on the atmosphere and stays there for months together. This dust layer directly absorbs sunlight and warms the Martian atmosphere. There are times, when there is even snow on Mars. The Martian snowflakes are composed of carbon dioxide rather than water. The polar regions of Mars are heavily covered by ice.

Life could have dwelled on Mars. People still believe there may be existence of life on Mars even today. There is 0.13 percent of oxygen in mars atmosphere. A number of speculations are being made by the researchers. Some believe that in the past, Oceans may have existed on some corner of Mars, providing a chance for life to exist there. But this red planet is a like an ice-cold desert at present. According to researchers, there are chances that the underground surface contains water, leaving a potential sign of life to exist. Several studies have proved that there is fairly large amount of ice under the surface.