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Do aliens exist in real?

Do aliens exist in real?

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In Summary

Researchers have decided to hunt aliens somewhere in the universe. The topic of research is quite interesting, but may not lead to a feasibility success in real life. 

Editor Posted by Heena

The field of research is expanding its scope. This time the idea is to hunt aliens in the universe. A large group of scientists and researchers believe that creatures exist outside earth, which is more likely to be different than human beings. As a number of movies and fiction series have showcased the existence of aliens and have portrayed them in a number of ways. It has been shown that aliens contain some superpowers which normal human being can never have. Scientists who have exhausted from usual research ideas and want to make their research more interesting by hunting aliens from about 200+ stars in the universe!

  Do aliens exist in real?

Aliens which are also known as extraterrestrials exist or not is a big controversy which many researchers are trying to resolve. There can be some truth in this fact if it is proved that life exists on some other planet. It is always an interesting topic when an astronaut debates about the existence of aliens in real. If someone has potential chances of watching an extraterrestrial it’s going to be astronauts who dig into space for such research. Some have spread the rumor in social media websites that if an astronaut watches a UFO or a live alien they cannot disclose this news to the media; but this rumor is unable to stop them because since many years a number of astronauts have told experiences with aliens and their thoughts on their existence.

Some favorable proofs of why aliens exist

A number of discoveries suggest strongly that there are high chances of alien life existence. It can be in our own solar system or somewhere else in the universe. There are significant evidence which show positive results. 
It is the strong belief of NASA's administrator that we have companions on this universe. In 2015, this statement was given by the head of NASA confirming the presence of life on other planets- "I do strongly believe that we will be successful in finding other species someday, if not in the circumference of our solar system, then definitely in other solar systems in our universe”.
Every passing year, the frequency of near-collisions of UFOs and commercial airplanes seems to grow large in number. There are a number of stories that can prove to us that aliens may exist, including a famous one by the first officer of a veteran airplane who claims to have noticed a large “triangular-shaped” object floating on the space surface. 

But finding a sign of alien life would be a great step in the world of science. If our scientists are successful in finding out that we aren't the only creatures out here, and there are extraterrestrial beings coming in touch with humanity, opens a world of new excitements, curiosities and questions like what all the aliens can do? Are they superior to humans? It would be great achievements for human beings to wake up one morning and read an article on a newspaper that aliens are visiting earth for the first time. No one would feel lonely then, if you don’t want humans, you have aliens!