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Did the Jurassic world extinct because of cold and darkness?

Did the Jurassic world extinct because of cold and darkness?

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In Summary

A study from Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) came up with some crucial data and reconstructions which might be able to blow away the mysteries surrounding the wipe out of Jurassic beings. 

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Who could believe about the world that is been ruled by the mighty ‘Dinosaurs’ rather than the two-legged wily ‘us’? Yes, sixty-six million years ago the story would have plotted the dinosaurs as the major beings which is a much-retrograded concern in our timeline. The mightiest became the scariest still the food web was precisely sculpted by the nature to accommodate all. But all on a sudden everything till then got a period, something which is still been celebrated on debates- ‘The death of dinosaurs’.

However, latest studies are presenting facts and more bold data reconstructions using the state of the art simulation technology to give a more valid justification for the extinction of dinosaurs. According to this study from PIK, the asteroid impact might have let loose tiny droplets of sulfuric acid into the air which formed an endless cloud over the earth atmosphere choking the lives beneath it. Blocking the sunlight finally resulted in a floral drop which gradually affected the remaining Jurassic beings resulting in a total extinction.

The Chicxulub crater in Mexico might be the one resulted from the asteroid impact which was a crucial turning point in the history of the earth. In order to stand close to facts, for the first time scientists have used latest computer simulations in order to reconstruct a climatic condition coupling the atmosphere, ocean, marine life, forests etc. The simulation point to a vital fact that the violent asteroid impact might have evaporated the surface elements like Sulphur into our atmosphere resulting in heavy temperature drop and permanent eclipse.

The temperature drop coupled with no sunlight might explain the mass extinction, which so far is the most valid theory. The resulted temperature drop was so prominent with an estimated  26-degree downfall after the event, globally. The average global temperature for the next 3 years after asteroid impact went below the freezing point which expanded the ice caps, where even at tropics the temperatures were around 5 degrees. Dinosaurs, on the other hand, was not equipped to accommodate this temperature drop which when combined with widespread famine resulted in the end of the Cretaceous era.

Though the study speaks for the past, the results shall be used for human benefit. Here the asteroid impact might be just the reason triggering the extinction, but the real killer was climate! A change in climate with the unavailability of sunlight, in fact, caused the absolute eradication of an era. We human at this fast pace forget to mind nature. Being just development oriented caused global warming and other environmental impacts which sooner or later might recoil like the one dinosaurs had. Putting pressure on nature, it will simply wipe out the harm. Always nature choose, not humans, not yet!   

Source: DOI: 10.1002/2016GL072241