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Chemotherapy claims life of 50% of  cancer patients

Chemotherapy claims life of 50% of cancer patients

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In Summary

Recent studies prove that the harmful effects of Chemotherapy claims more life than the disease itself. Thus it is time to deviate cancer treatment and look for safer options which will help extend life of cancer patients.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

For several years, experts have taken resort to treat cancer patients with chemotherapy. This extremely painful and grueling process of undergoing chemotherapy is known to cause atleast 50% death in cancer patients rather than the dreadful disease itself. As per study conducted by Public Health UK, close to 50% of the cancer patients who had undergone chemotherapy dies in the next 30 days. The alarming mortality rate was specifically found in patients suffering from lung cancer and breast cancer.

Chemotherapy and it’s harmful effects

Chemotherapy, which is being used generically on almost every cancer patient has been criticized for it’s detrimental effects. Chemotherapy as a drug, most of the times is unable to differentiate between a healthy cell and a cancerous cell, thus acts aggressively and uniformly on the body leading to dangerous outcomes and at times even death within a few days or months. Thus physicians should be extremely alert and wise in using chemotherapy as an option for treatment post vetting every single cancer patient. Chemotherapy has to be administered with utmost care and precision as it is a fine balance of the drug on the body. Insufficient chemotherapy will lead to death as cancerous cells lie untreated due to insufficient amount of dosage. While an overdose of chemotherapy too leads to complications within the body.

Is chemotherapy the last resort

With medical science advancing at a rapid pace, several options are now available for the treatment of cancer apart from Chemotherapy. The other options available can be used case to case depending on the severity and location of the cancerous cells. CBD oil, which is a derivative of Cannabis is a potential treatment option for cancer patients. Several reports have proved that taking therapeutic amounts of CBD oil on a regular basis keeps cancerous cell at bay by keeping the metabolic pressure on the cancer cell death pathway.

 Hormone therapies can be used in certain cancers patients especially breast cancer, prostrate cancer, ovarian cancer and kidney cancer, where the cancer cells are hormone dependent or hormone specific.

 Biological therapies or biological response modifier therapy can be used to treat cancerous conditions by using vaccines or bacteria by invigorating the body’s immune system which in turn acts against the cancer cells. Immunotherapy can be used on majority of the cancer cases as they do not act directly upon the cancer cells, rather they stimulate the immune system which in turn fights against the carcinogenic cells.