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Suryanamaskar : The Complete Body Workout

Suryanamaskar : The Complete Body Workout

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In Summary

Suryanamaskar, also called as Salutations to the Sun God, have long been part of the ancient yogic tradition, comprising of various yoga asanas as well as meditation, propounded originally from the great land of culture, India. However, its varied benefits have been researched upon widely in recent times.

Editor Posted by Nishita

What is Suryanamaskar?

Suryanamaskar are the salutations performed in gratitude to the Sun God early morning, for giving us a new day, everyday. It is a spiritual practice in itself as it comprises various asanas, pranayamas, meditation practices as well as mantra recitations.

It comprises a set of 12 yogic posture which one makes to complete one whole cycle of suryanamaskar. Performing suryanamaskar helps achieve a sync between our body’s physical cycles with the sun’s cycles. The sun’s cycles run at twelve and a quarter years and hence the twelve postures in suryanamaskar is set to achieve a harmony between the sun’s cycles with our internal body cycles.

Benefits Of Suryanamaskar

Suryanamaskar has various health benefits for various bodily organs & functions as follows :

Improved pulmonary function

This occurs as a result of rounds of deep breathing which is comprised as part of suryanamaskar, it strengthens the inspiratory as well as the expiratory muscles present in lungs.

Improved cardiac function

The various postures ensure good cardiac output and efficient blood circulation to all parts of the body, important for eliminating toxins from various body parts.

Increased attention span in children

Children performing suryanamaskar daily ensures increase in concentration span & focus, calmness and decrease in hyperactivity, restlessness & anxiety. These results can be for adults as well.

An Effective De-stressor

It helps to flush out most negative energies from our existence & improves our endurance power to face life’s challenges with patience.

Increased Memory

Studies assessing memory of children performing suryanamaskar showed better results than those who didn’t.

Suryanamaskar comprises of the following 12 postures as follows. As seen, there are mantras as well as alternate inhalation & exhalation done along with each posture taken.



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