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Foods that we must be avoided during pregnancy

Foods that we must be avoided during pregnancy

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In Summary

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey in a women’s life. Craving is a common scenario during pregnancy; with little care, they can avoid health problems and give birth to a healthy baby.

Editor Posted by Lalithya

Few foods to avoid during pregnancy

Some seafood and fish: It is best to avoid some types of fishes as they may cause damage to the fetus. Better to avoid fish containing high levels of mercury (mackerel, swordfish, shark and tilefish), smoked seafood are best to be avoided as they will be contaminated with bacteria. Some fish (bluefish, walleye and trout) exposed to pollutants can be harmful during pregnancy. Raw shellfish like oysters, mussels and clams are a big no. Instead prefer fresh water ones to get the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids.

Raw or uncooked eggs: Raw, runny and undercooked eggs pose health risk as they may be contaminated with salmonella that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Instead, enjoy fully cooked eggs with a firm yolk or a omelet.

Undercooked meat and poultry: Several researches have proven that raw, uncooked or under cooked meat and poultry contain listeria bacteria. Washing meat before cooking removes bacteria, refrigerated foods must up heated before consuming. Prefer to eat meat or poultry at home avoid outside meat.

Unpasteurized dairy products: Unpasteurized dairy products cause severe food poisoning. Its better to consume dairy products which use pasteurized labels.

Unpasteurized soft cheese: Unpasteurized soft cheese such as brie, feta, and camembert must be avoided as they contain listeria bacteria, instead choose pasteurized cheese such as cheddar or Swiss cheese

Unwashed fruits and vegetables: Unwashed fruits and vegetables are very harmful as they have pesticide residues and bacteria. Better, wash them properly and avoid long refrigerated fruits and vegetables.

Raw vegetable sprouts: Even though sprouts are rich in proteins, it is better to consume shallow fry or cooked sprouts during pregnancy.

Nuts that cause allergy: Beware as some nuts may cause allergies such as walnut, chestnuts, macadamia nuts and pecan nuts; consult a doctor before including nuts in the diet.

Restaurant made salads: It is better to avoid restaurant made salads as the fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry or eggs may not be of high quality and washed properly.

Excessive caffeine related products: Caffeine acts as diuretic and excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to low birth weight baby. Two cups of coffee a day is advisable.

Canned foods: Canned foods are a big no-no as they are packed and stored over a period. Instead choose fresh produce to get good nutrients.

Nitrates rich foods:  Diet soda, artificial sweetener (saccharin), sausages, bacon etc are nitrate rich foods. These foods are unhealthy for pregnant women.

Sugar rich foods and fatty foods: Ice creams, chocolates, candies, junk food, deep fried food etc must be taken in limited amounts.

Street foods: Avoid street foods as they may be unhygienic and may lead to food poisoning and stomach upset.

Artificial sweeteners: Saccharin when consumed will not be filtered by placenta, so it is readily available for fetus. Instead, choose normal sugar in moderation.

Excess of vitamins: Consuming higher dose of vitamins than recommended may pose health risk to the feotus. Always used prescribed vitamin supplements.

Simple carbohydrates: Carbs like white bread, cakes, muffins etc may lead to constipation during pregnancy instead choose high fiber, whole grain food products.

Leftovers: Leftover foods have higher chance of having bacteria, choose freshly made food to avoid food poisoning.

Apart from this smoking and alcohol, consumption must be avoided for safe delivery.