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Acne free skin with healthy gut by using probiotics

Acne free skin with healthy gut by using probiotics

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In Summary

Do those acne scars refuse to vanish from your face despite topical applications of various skin creams & several visits to skin specialists? Its time that you pay attention to your gut health by making wise food choices. 

Editor Posted by Nishita

What is acne?

Acne vulgaris (also simply called acne) is the result of over clogging of dead skin cells within the hair follicles, mainly on the face. This causes blackheads, pimples, greasy & oily skin & whiteheads. Several acne or pimples on eruption may leave stubborn scars, which may ruin our facial beauty. Several research studies have now found out that a deep underlying gut disorder may crop up as persistant acne problem.

The Diet-Gut-Skin Connection

Many studies have found the origin of acne problems in the increased permeability of the gut. The Western diet consisting processed foods, refined sugar, carbohydrate rich food with high glycemic loads give rise to increased insulin secretion in the body. Hyperinsulinemia, in return, trigger secretion of androgenic hormones which stimulate sebum production from sebaceous glands, underneath the skin. Increased sebum production causes oily, greasy skin, which are conducive to acne development. This proposed mechanism is employed to state hormonal imbalance as the cause of acne.

Another mechanism is which causes inflammatory-type acne. Prolonged periods of consumption of processed foods endangers the beneficial gut microflora lining the intestinal tract. This results in the lining being more permeable to external microbes which enter the body through foods. On account of absence of beneficial microbes, these harmful bacteria easily gain access through the GI tract in the body. Detecting these harmful microbes, the immune system, in order to control their invasion, produces systemic inflammation. This inflammatory process causes increased oxidative stress in the body, which becomes evident on the surface of the skin.

Nutrition Therapy For Acne

Several studies have shown significant clinical improvements when administered with probiotic supplements. Probiotics are live cultures of healthy gut bacteria which help in keeping the gut lining intact & free from external microbial invasions. Probiotics along with omega-3 fatty acid supplementations can help control the systemic inflammation really well, and keep the growth of harmful bacteria under control.

Choosing wholesome, unprocessed foods can control hyperinsulinemia. Incorporating our diets with whole fruits, veggies, whole grains, fermented milk products can help control acne development having hormonal imbalance as a cause. It has been found in studies that people belonging to tribal regions, whose staple diet mainly consists of unprocessed & non-refined foods, had no prevalence of acne for generations among any family members.

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