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Water Proofing All The Way

Water Proofing All The Way

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In Summary

Researchers have come up with a new spray for Water proofing. This spray is capable of creating a layer over almost every object and making it water proof.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

There are several industries who work on machineries and objects which demands severe and hard core water proofing for them to thrive and churn out successful products. Material science has included a recent research into their list of newbies, a water proofing spray. This spray once sprayed on any object, repels water and keeps it protected from water for long. It can be used on mobiles to be used in the rain to hulls being protected and not corroded to prevent ice from forming on airplanes. This latest entry comes from the scientists working diligently at the Australian National University on new modes of water proofing. The most interesting part of the invention is that both the techniques used for manufacturing the substance are much cheaper than the alternatives used currently.

How does it work

The material works on a very simple technique, by creating a layer which keeps water and several other harmful particles at bay. The chemical once sprayed, forms a layer of nano particles on the surface of the object repelling water molecules, thus forming a barrier between the surface of the object and the water molecules. The strength of this super hydrophobic chemical lies in it’s transparency and extreme resistance to ultra violet rays. Scientist have used two different kinds of plastics while creating this substance. One plastic is hard and strong while the other plastic is flexible. It can be compared to two fishing nets interwoven with two different materials. The most critical part of the invention is that the spray can be used as a transparent coating to stabilize extremely fragile nano particles leading to ultra-durable nano textures with several real-world applications.

It’s uses

This spray is a boon to the humankind in the new era. With this new technology,several industries would be benefited and come out with revolutionary products and mechanisms. It can be used as a super coating for windows at sky scaper heights, which will help avoid ultra violet rays and also keep it clean. The water repellant spray can also be used on bathroom mirrors to avoid fogging and keep them water proof. Aeronautical engineers have found it of great use to them, as a few layers of this chemical can prevent ice formation on the surface of an airplane. Apart from having water repelling properties the team of scientists are trying to make the product more robust by adding a few more properties, thus can be used widely across other modes of coating. This water repellant spray can be used on every object that requires self-cleaning, anti-corrosive and oil repelling properties.

In days to come, revolutionalize the art  to water proofing!!