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This miniature nuclear reactor might be our answer to safer and economical energy generation.

This miniature nuclear reactor might be our answer to safer and economical energy generation.

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In Summary

NuScale Power has come up with a design that is practically safer and economical in energy generation. This miniature reactor doesn’t demand hectares of land, instead, they are small such that they could fit on a flatbed truck. Cutting down 40% costs in construction this mini reactor when combined, is believed to generate 570 megawatts of electricity.   

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Power Redefined

Nuclear energy was the answer to endless power requirement that holds the pillars of the modern developed world. Almost all developed nations depend on nuclear energy as their primary source of energy. So any advancements in the nuclear power generation is a token for better tomorrow with no room for ‘energy’ apprehensions. Nuscale power is a company dedicated in the field of nuclear power generation whose latest development might be one of a kind putting an extra brick towards our future energy needs. They developed the so-called ‘miniature’ power reactor which is just nine stories high & could fit on the back of a flatbed truck.

Engineered design concept

Nuscale design has numerous advantages when compared to the conventional power plant concept. This modular concept of the reactor is far more advanced than the previous versions such that they are so complex in modus operandi. An individual self-contained reactor has a capacity of 50 megawatts using uranium fuel. Several modules of the reactor will work simultaneously to yield comprehensive energy output.

Flooding advantages

If you remember the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan you might likely get the point here. While nuclear reactors need a close watch to run flawlessly, a mechanical failure initiated by 2011 Tsunami damaged the pumps for cooling system resulting in a meltdown in Fukushima power plant. However, the scope for such technical failures are eliminated in the Nuscale system using the natural convection for water flow. Also, the reactors work simultaneously such that the maintenance and repair will be easy without interrupting power generation. While Tennessee’s 1150 MW reactor costs $4.7 billion, Nuscale promise to produce 570 MW in just under $3 billion. Also, the core of the reactor is shielded in a special containment, which is submerged in water for added safety.

Why nuclear power?

Investing billions in the R&D of reactors does have a point to prove. Apart from the waste disposal, fission energy is the cleanest as of now. A good percent of America depends on nuclear energy to fast pace their growth. According to an estimate if it wasn’t nuclear fuel today, around 564 million metric tons of carbon dioxide might have been disposed into air, which is more than enough to choke the planet. Nuscale reactor is easy to ship as per convenience, say in windmill power plants as an alternative source of electricity during repair and low input periods. The design in under NRC inspection and expected to hit field by 2026, if everything works fine!