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The Wonder Blanket - Kachula 2.0

The Wonder Blanket - Kachula 2.0

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In Summary

Kachula is that essential water proof, packable and versatile smart blanket which every adventure loving person would like to own. This one-in-all smart blanket would change the way people travel outdoors in various environmental conditions.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

Every house hold owns a blanket. A blanket which is multipurpose is the need of the hour. Gone are the days of heavy and cumbersome blankets which are even more difficult to carry during outdoor adventure trips. The kachula blanket has some robust features, it is water proof, odor proof, antimicrobial and windproof. The kachula measures a good 4 X 6 feet, thus providing enough leg space and comfort to the wearer. The kachula while being manufactured uses the Vapour deposition, (CVD) thus eliminating the use of hazardous chemicals ans solvents which are generally used during an average blanket manufacturing.  The kachula when soiled, can be washed in a washing machine. The kachula blanket is made out of DWR and is water proof on both the sides. For an added durability and a versatile use, it is piped with rip-stop nylon. The Kachula adventure blanket is available in 3 exciting colour patterns.

How to use the Kachula

The Kachula is a multipurpose blanket which is not only a blanket but can be used for various purposes. The Kachula can be used as a poncho which can be worn during emergency. The kachula is designed smarts so as to one can wear it as a poncho without much hassle. The Poncho has a hood and snaps for added comfort and wearability. Kachula is extremely soft and light weight, thus making it an ideal pillow. Fold the kachula and insert it to a pouch to have that perfect soft, light weight comfortable pillow for a good night sleep. Thus helping the adventure seeker in saving space carrying a travel pillow. The kachula when spread as a sheet on the sea shore or by the river side helps you to keep your valuables secure, as it has a decent pocket to fit in all that you need to secure.

When to use the Kachula

Though the Kachula can be used for both outdoor as well as indoor use, it is preferred more for outdoor activities. It is a necessity for your future camping, hikes, trekking, jungle walk, lounging on the hammock or any other outdoor activities which have demanding environmental conditions. It is of great use during times when it rains parallely with mild wind and is just a cold for a light blanket. It saves you from rain, wind and a chilly weather, it keeps you as dry and comfortable as it can.