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The Drone With Spider Arms

The Drone With Spider Arms

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In Summary

The drone with arms like a spider, capable to grasp and lift objects is now available. This revolutionary drone will be of much help for the army as well as several industries in days to come.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

The world is changing at the drop of an eyelid. There are scientist and researchers working globally and coming out with revolutionary new products every minute. The latest entrant to the list of drones is the Prodrone PD6B-AW-ARM, which is a Prodrone robot arm drone, with it’s one of a kind features. A Japanese company, Prodrone, proficient in designing drones of newer technology has come out with a new product.Prodrone claims that the PD6B-AW-ARM is one it’s kind and is the world’s first dual robot arm large-format drone. This revolutionary drone has arms to lift and move objects from one place to the other.

Prodrone and it’s features

Prodrone with it’s revolutionary features has made a stir in the market.The Prodrone PD6B-AW-ARM has an extremely efficient 5 axis grasping arm which has the capacity to carry around 10kg. The PD6B-AW-ARM also has the ability to balance an aircraft while the grasping arms carry objects and moves it around as per command received The drone has amazing feature, it can fly upto 30 minutes on every charge, can clock a forward speed of 60km/hour with an altitude up to 5000 metre. All these while it is still grasping a 10kg object with it’s 5 axis arm. The drone has several added features, apart from carrying and moving objects. It can cut objects, attaching or detaching objects, cutting cables, flicking switches, delivering life saving buoys or retrieving hazardous materials. The drone is also capable of maneuvering in most of the weather conditions giving it an edge over other drones.

Uses of the Prodrone

Drones nowadays are been used for several purposes. Topping the list is security. Of late, the army of almost every country has been successfully using drones for various security purposes. There are various industries which have started depending on drones for their various operations. With the help of this drone, it would help in the safety of workers in various industries. For example line men who climb the transmission towers for their day to day work will find it of great utility. This drone will help in the reduction of inspection costs, which various companies incurr. Especially inspection done from a specific height and with minimum space and interference jobs can be well performed by this revolutionary drone.