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Flying cars are soon going to be a reality- Thanks to Airbus.

Flying cars are soon going to be a reality- Thanks to Airbus.

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In Summary

Mankind’s hunger to fly has a long history, started a century ago. Since then ceaseless attempt to create a perfect flying machine has now reached a more affordable, auto flying & highly reliable flying car developed by Airbus. Many other aviation companies are tirelessly working to create hybrid flying cars, aero copters, hover cars etc. 

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Flying is now easy!

Once an undoable dream is a billion dollar industry today. Flying has always flabbergasted mankind and pushed our motivation to a far extend which is what we see in our sky today. However, the hunger for skies are not yet done, though we can fly today, there are practically lots of barriers that would prevent one from doing so. An average person might get a flight once in a while or maybe once in a lifetime & there are millions who would never fly in their life. So it’s quite clear that domestication needs a revamp in the aviation industry.

With today’s wherewithal, new efforts are being made to make flying a daily routine. Airbus has developed a prototype flying car which is set out to be autonomous or being piloted by a computer. “Nearly hundred years ago, transportation took a dive to underground, but today mankind has all right resources to make it above the ground,” says the Airbus CEO Tom Enders at DLD Digital Tech at Munich

Project Vahana

Titles as Project Vahana (in Sanskrit means ‘that it carries’), launched by airbus aims in a transportation service overhead. The helicopter borrowed design shall be called an air shuttle service, which will do a to and fro fixed cruise. The best part will be the autonomous piloting system, which is still under research at Airbus lab, but on its arrival, the automatic air taxi will be a reality. The much-developed versions shall serve an air taxi service more like Uber on the ground does. The company on other hand is looking to make it economical as possible in order to overthrow money from being a limiting factor.

The future of flying cars

Airbus isn’t the only one dedicated to making flying cars, even the biggest taxi service Uber has pledged an R&D in developing their network of ‘Vertical take-off & landing (VTOL)’  air service to compete with other air taxis. Apart from that, an Israeli company called the Urban Aeronautics has developed a drone carrier which can commute 500 kg load at speeds of 185 km/hr. IN 2016, a UK based company AeroMobil has unraveled a hybrid land-air car which can run on roads and can be flown in air, named as AeroMobil 3.0. The competition doesn’t end up with a few aviation companies, even the multi-billion dollar corporations like Google, Skype, Facebook etc. had also invested huge funds in making the flying cars a reality. Also, the sole motive is not the get wheels on air, but also to make them eco-friendly as possible. Solar powered flying cars are also one choice in this segment apart from electrical copters, and green fuel powered flying cars. With a notion to fly green, soon the congested roads will be a playground and all the traffic might be an overhead headache! 


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