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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg created an AI assistant named ‘Jarvis’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg created an AI assistant named ‘Jarvis’

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In Summary

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the ‘Jarvis’ reality. An AI controlled assistant that can take care of many households and personal things, which in fact was made popular by the Marvels ‘Iron Man’ series. 

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Jarvis for everything!

Most of us might have wished for someone like Jarvis. An advisor when you need help, a dictionary when you need a reference, a Wikipedia of information, a friend for chit-chat when you are bored and after all your personal assistant to take care from A to Z, that’s how one would describe the fictional Jarvis from Iron Man. But the real life Jarvis is just in its beta version and might need a lot of lab work to make it look like the one befriended by Tony Stark.

Mark’s ‘Jarvis’ is definitely inspired by the Iron Man, and even the name is borrowed from the movie. But the Mark’s Jarvis can’t do wonder as in the movie, not atleast at the moment. But it is capable of performing many daily life tasks like reading news, controlling the lighting and home electronics, adjust temperature, sort through emails, alert when their daughter wakes up, & even get updates on their pet. But this is far more primitive than the one featured in movies.

Scope for Improvement

Current AI is nowhere near a self-sustainable progress, a human intervention is inevitable at this stage. But there is always a scope for hope, in 1940’s computers were large enough to cover a football field, which reduced to a table in 1980, by 2000 laptops became common and now in 2016 they are reduced to fit inside your pocket! New technologies are born every day such that today’s technology will be outdated in next 5 years.

The quest for an AI started around 70’s and today we are at the mouth of the cave, all it remaining it to dive into it! While previous versions of AI highly depended on human input, today's AI has improved far from that point. Now there is software to predict the weather, auto calibrates machinery, feedback drove controllers, user adapting smartphones etc. All it started from a simple thought in the 19th century, which now is the factor of human survival.

While Mark’s AI can execute simple tasks, it has also built in features to optimize its operations according to the user. For example, Mark Zuckerberg prefers notifications over text rather than voice which is irritating at times, Jarvis is coded in such a way to learn his like and dislikes thus shoot text over voice interaction after learning him. He created Jarvis over a span of 150 hours of free time this year, but he didn’t forget to praise his engineers who can do far more smart work in the given time!

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