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Eco Friendly Wall Panels For A Greener And A Cleaner Planet

Eco Friendly Wall Panels For A Greener And A Cleaner Planet

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In Summary

There are several ways to save our planet. One of the smartest way is to go green with your wall panels too. Eco friendly wall panel is a new entrant in to the “save the earth” agenda of people who really care for their environment.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

Wall panels are doing good business with every home doing up their interiors with creative and decorative wall panels. With the advent of the Eco friendly wall panel people want to know more about the pros and cons of the product, durability, variations available, colours, textures, mold or termite proof etc. with rising consciousness on eco-friendly products, wall panels have made it to the home of many through various designs and motifs.

Types of eco friendly wall panels:

Eco friendly wall panels are made up of several items like woods, recycled plastic, bamboo pulp, recycled wood, sugarcane fibre, compressed wheat straw, recycled metal and many more items are getting added to the list. All the products used for eco friendly wall panels are natural, bio-degradable and recycled or recycle-able materials. Out of all the above types, wall panels made out of Sugarcane is the highest used variety. Post the extraction of sugarcane juice, the fibrous residue and the sugar cane stalks are crushed to make eco-friendly wall panels. Bagasse, the residue of sugarcane is one of the most recycled materials in the world used for various purpose.  The wall panels also come in 3D patterns and texture. One also has an option of giving one’s own design and getting a customized wall panel with motifs designed.

Benefits of using Eco friendly wall panels

Eco friendly wall panel is a long term solution for many a residential or commercial space for times to come because of the added advantages. Inspite of having a large aesthetic value, it’s durability is as good as the conventional wall panels. Eco friendly wall panels donot emit any toxic reside indoor, thus it is much more conducive for use in schools, offices, restaurants and many more spaces where people have to spend a lot of waking hours. In choosing eco- friendly products, people are saving on virgin material thus saving the environment indirectly. One can get more creative with ecofriendly wall panels, especially with the use of twigs, grasses, dried flowers and many more natural and organic materials embedded on a background. Eco friendly wall panels are completely bio degradable, thus one can use it without any guilt of harming nature. Eco friendly wall panels comes out to be much more economical than the conventional wall panels due to it’s easy availability of ingredients.

Eco friendly wall panels are here to stay and is the future.