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Can Dubai build world’s first hyperloop service?

Can Dubai build world’s first hyperloop service?

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In Summary

Recently Dubai hosted a competition at an international level to invite designs from around the world to achieve what seemingly seems impossible – The Mighty Hyperloop!

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Basically- What are Hyperloop?

Definitely, the word ‘hyperloop’ might have created a loop of confusion inside your brain! It is nothing but a mode of transportation which could carry you from Delhi to Agra in less than 15 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. Hyperloops are more like rail transport, but without wheels, presumably. The idea was to increase the transportation efficiency by a long step. Only airways are at present could provide such faster transit option. But Dubai, couldn’t wait till someone cracks the hyperloop technology, so they took the engineering challenge, as always.

Hyperloop can travel as fast as 1200 ~1500 Km/hr. But it requires a mammoth level of improvised engineering. But who would be the perfect candidate none other than Dubai? The major hurdle would be the transit paths required for the Hyperloop. Recently Elon Musk’s Space-X proposed a hyperloop idea where the train’s floats over rails inside a vacuum loop of the tube, inside which the train slips as fast as 1000 Km/hr. But such long length tracks inside a vacuum chamber is one hell of an Engineering hurdle. Rather many don't have the gut to float inside a vacuum chamber, which if fails in the middle of track would be a nightmare!

Dubai Future Foundation

Recently, Dubai Future Foundation hosted a 2-day competition inviting designs for hyperloop from around the world. They received 250 entries in total from which 65 were shortlisted for a theoretical showdown lasting 48 hours. They were given to design terminals for Al Maktoum International Airport, Dubai International airport and Fujairah International airport. Six finalists went for the final showdown and Team Mobius from France went away with the blast!

Mobius consisted about 20 team members, who came up with apparently the most economical and technically feasible design idea. They were awarded for the totality in their design. Mobius focused safety and security of passengers without any compromise in speed and efficiency.

H.E. Said Al Aleedi, CEO of Dubai Future Foundation said “Announcing the winner is more like creating a milestone for the future we are about to build here” 


The future vision

By supervising the hyperloop technology Dubai is looking to upgrade their status to the top country in the world in terms of infrastructure. Definitely, this won’t be a great challenge other than technological concerns. Hyperloop would replace the conventional transportation systems like trains and buses. But as it sounds, a 1200 km/hr speeding train would consume a humongous volume of energy. As Dubai is in the verge of the transition from gas to nuclear energy, either way, the energy liability must be confronted with an open face. But once the technology is established it would rewrite the transit concepts of human beings. Miles of lands would remain in maps rather than worrying our transit dilemma. More opportunities will be created as the time between distant lands decrease drastically. Dubai once again waiting for rewrite history with technology!