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Belt To Watch Your Waist - Welt

Belt To Watch Your Waist - Welt

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In Summary

A smart way to keep a track on your ever growing waist is no more a dream. A fitness tracker in the form of a clothing accessory, snuggly around your waist is a reality which many would love to opt.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

Fitness trackers are available in every possible shape and form. The need of fitness trackers with dual benefits is on the rise. For example, a watch which acts as a fitness tracker as well as keeps a track of time. Welt is the latest gadget in the fitness arena. The Welt looks and works like a belt thus has a dual purpose, it also works as a fitness tracker for the weight watchers. It tracks key health parameters in a body and warns you of threats if any. This simple tracker makes weight loss much easier and smoother.

Fitness in a belt

An average office-goer wear a belt for about 10 to 12 hours in a day, thus a Welt is an ideal wearable fashion that helps provide wellness. It tracks the average walking time, sitting time, exercise duration, waist size, eating patterns, contraction and expansion of the stomach and many added features. It can be used for both short term and long term use. For a short term use, it helps you monitor and understand your eating patterns, thus helping you control the same. For a long term use, it helps you set goals, monitors and keeps you alert and awake by getting you back to your fitness regime.

It is extremely easy to use, as one can sync it with the Bluetooth to one’s Android phone and get the reports and fitness data over the phone. The company has ensured that only the valid and necessary data is fed in the phone which is of help for the wearer. The battery once charged with a micro USD can last up to approximately 20 days depending on the use. The bottom of the buckle has a tiny little port for recharging.

Pros and Cons

Welt, the wellness belt can track quite a few specifications, like the contraction and expansion of the stomach, thus also helps one understand if they are overeating. It tracks the number of steps a wearer takes using an embedded pedometer and in turn calculates the calorie burnt. The Welt has  20-day battery life.

The Welt can be used by people with a waist size between 28 to 44 inches only. The fashion conscious health watcher has to choose from the colours available for Welt.

The Welt is available in 12 eye-catching colours specific for men and women, to name a few are Blue, Burgundy, Beige, Light brown, Orange, Black, Cobalt sea, Cerulean wave and Navy. The Welt is an instant hit for both the segments, health watchers as well as the wealth watchers. The basic design is available for $69 and the hi-end Welt variant at $199.