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An Israel company developed a machine that can make water from thin air

An Israel company developed a machine that can make water from thin air

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In Summary

WaterGen is a company from Israel who developed a device that can extract water from thin air. The device will be a solution for never ending water crisis in many parts of the world. 

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Water by magic

Yes, it might sound more like a magic until someone explains the actual science behind the process. A compact machine placed in open with no pipelines connected to them gives water out of nowhere, that’s how WaterGen can be described in a layman way. But if you are goingback to school science you might remember that earth’s atmosphere has aconsiderable amount of water vapor in them. It is referred to as humidity when described on a percentage basis.   Watergen’s water maker works exploiting this humidity using the naturalcondensation process.

How do they work?

There is water all around us. The fact is that they may not be necessarily in a liquid state. At high temperatures, say in thesummer season the majority of water content might turn into vapor and contribute to humidity. The machine simply reverses the process by cooling the water vapors so that they are turned back to water. Infact, their mechanics are so well designed in order to maximize the rate of condensation.

The machine houses so called plastic ‘leaves’ which are stacked radially to the flow of air. The air suckers channel enough air to pass through these leaves, which has some amazing heat exchange property due to counter flow created by theair stream. This will enable build of a temperature gradient inside the chamber which indeed contributes to condensation.  

Utility rating

There where products with similar prospects in past, but many could rise to the expected level of utility. But WaterGen’s product standouts in this aspect as the figures they presented stand well in favor of them. Reckoning the working of thedevice, it is estimated that it would cost around 10 cents/gallon of water the device makes, provided conditions are favorable.

Aforementioned favorable conditions point towards the humidity and temperature of the region it is located. Hot & Humid climate would maximize the water production from the machine. 27oC with 60 ~ 70 % humidity would ensure the best result out of the device. When the temperatures increase, there will be more humidity in the air so does the machine has more source for water.

How promising is this device? 

The targeted populations are from Africa, Parts of Asia, and Latin America where there is ascarcity of clean drinking water. Luckily the climatic conditions of those regions stand in favor of the superlative working for the device. The company put forward three basic models at first, a small one for homes which can produce around 4 gallons of water every day. A medium sized device can yield around 120 gallons of water, whereas a large community size machine extracts about 825 gallons of clean & fresh water every day. Currently, their pilot scale machines are doing a test run at Mumbai, Shanghai and Mexico City.