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A wonder trip to space by 2020- says China

A wonder trip to space by 2020- says China

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In Summary

China recently revealed their biggest space mission, building the largest spaceplane and prepare to launch it by end of 2020. The World is curiously looking on to the developments. 

Editor Posted by Ansheed

Chinese wonder again

As usual, wonders always comes from China. Let it be an electronic toy or a spaceplane, China got it under them. The Chinese Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology let the news out at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) held in Guadalajara, Mexico. They are preparing for a spaceplane that could carry passengers to space and return safely. The prodigious part is that these planes are so sustainable that it could be used for atleast 50 such flights. China has already laid their hands on design part, expected to launch the first flight by 2020.

Unlike its predecessors that reach the space employing a secondary carrier or a rocket, Chinese winged rocket, to call it, would carry passengers like a normal rocket and return to earth as a plane. This feat of engineering doesn’t satisfy some by design prospects, but scientists do agree that it ain’t impossible. All they have to do is to answer some question that would worry the rocket science.  The head of academy Han Pengxin described the plane as a vehicle which is launched as a rocket vertically up into the sky and comes back to the ground much like a plane without much of crew or ground help.

About the flight.

China is now working on two prototypes for the 2020 maneuver. The mini version weighs around 10 tons with an estimated wingspan of around 20 feet, which could carry 5 passengers to space. The bigger version is much more monstrous weighing roughly 100 tons and an estimated wingspan of 40 feet that would carry 20 passengers. The flight  would be launched from the central part of china, which would take a projectile flight up into space and upon reaching orbit would go into a unpowered maneuver in a circular path under the force of gravity. The plane returns to earth and steered for landing automatically with less possible human intervention to make things accurate.

Roger Launius from Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum is one among the major skeptics regarding this flight. He is not yet ready to take in the part sending 20 people 100 km into space without a mother ship and staging, where the hardest part to digest was its 50 flights clocking. Though skeptics doubt at China, they are not all worried about their deadline or design.

A ticket to space.  

They are looking to make the space flight a common route for the ordinary man. One thing they noticed was the public intervention, where common people are more enthusiastic about such a space drive which motivates the Chinese team to fuel the desire of a common man. But they added, “At present, it may not be possible for an ordinary person to enjoy the space flight, but will “. The estimated plane ticket will costs around whooping $200,000 ~ $250,000, which definitely isn’t the cup of tea for a normal person.