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A Straw That Can Save Your Life - Lifestraw

A Straw That Can Save Your Life - Lifestraw

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In Summary

Clean drinking water within your reach now with this emergency portable water filter, Life straw. A revolutionary invention, which has benefited many not having access to clean and safe drinking water for a normal day to day life.

Editor Posted by Sanchita

Lifestraw, the emergency portable water filter has been invented, keeping the developing nations in mind. Most of the under developed countries have poor hygienic conditions and majority of the population consumes water which is not fit for drinking as per the drinking water standards. Population,especially under the poverty level donot have access to safe and clean drinking water, thus causing several water borne diseases like diarrhea, stomach infection, typhoid, jaundice, hepatitis and many others painful diseases. A one stop solution for any and every water related problem for drinking is the Lifestraw. The Lifestraw has been used by adventure seekers on long trips or hikes to places where clean and safe drinking water is inaccessible. It has given a ray of hope to several under developed nations especially Kenya, where it is being used massively in the remote places.Lifestraw has made a difference in the lifestyle of several million Kenyans and people worldwide in having access to clean drinking water which is a basic necessity, at times deprived.

Using the Lifestraw

The Lifestraw can be used directly on the source of water and sipped directly for pure and safe drinking water. Various tests were organized to mark it’s quality and capability, where the volunteers had used Lifestraw in various conditions, controlled and un-controlled situations to prove the efficacy of the product. The Lifestraw was used at severely contaminated waterbodies close to sewage, muddy pond water, springs and rivers where there are high chances of bird and animal waste and to your surprise even ditches. A few volunteers have gone to the extent of using the Lifestraw in water which has been mixed with animal refuse, only to receive clean drinking water using the Lifestraw. Every time the Lifestraw was used, the volunteers had sipped clean and safe drinking water. The water that came out post use was clean and clear visibly too.

How does the Lifestrawwork

The Lifestraw has the capacity to filter 1000litres, post which one has to procure a new Lifestraw. It removes all the water borne bacteria and parasites including Giardia, which is the prime culprit in causing life threatening diseases. The Lifestraw is a plastic hollow tube which is 31cm long and 3cm wide. It filters water through a physical filtration process while the user sucks and sips water directly like a conventional straw. The Plastic body has now been replaced by a sleek stainless steel body for longer durability. Lifestraw has the capacity to remove 99.9% water borne parasites, thus providing clean and safe drinking water to all.